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Geophysical Investigation
Geoconsult is a leading geophysical testing provider in the region with vast experience. Geoconsult offers investigation the ground and built environment. Surface as well as borehole geophysical surveys are provided where the latest techniques and advanced analysis software are employed for data acquisition, processing and interpretation of results. Our mission is to provide reliable, timely, accurate, cost effective, modern equipments with qualified staff and quality services that meet customer expectation.
  • Electrical Resistivity
  • Seismic Surveys
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Multichannel Analysis of Surface Wave (MASW) Tomography
  • D1, 2D, 3D Tomography Surveys
  • Downhole Shear wave Velocity
  • Crosshole Shear wave Velocity
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Hazards Gas Monitoring 
  • Fluid Flow, Temperature & Salinity