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Pile Testing
GEOCONSULT offers both high-strain dynamic load testing, static load testing and pile integrity testing of installed piles, as well as PDA monitoring of driven piles during installation. Load testing removes some of the inherent uncertainty of a pile’s capacity by measuring the actual in-place capacity of an installed pile. By testing a representative sample of piles on a given project a higher percentage of the predicted strength may be used all the piles, thereby reducing the unit cost for a given capacity of deep foundation units on a site, providing a more efficient, economical foundation system for the owner.

Our scope of Pile Testing & Instrumentation :

  • Static pile load testing
  • Dynamic pile load testing
  • Low strain integrity testing
  • High strain dynamic testing
  • Crosshole sonic logging
  • Caliper logging testing
  • Instrumentation of driven piles
  • Geotechnical and structural instrumentation
  • Measurement of inclination
  • Monitoring of cracks and crack propagation
  • Measurement of settlement
  • Measurement of ground movement
  • Measurement of tilting of structures
  • Measurement of load
  • Measurement of pressure/stress
  • Measurement of strain